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ZM.1GJ Zoom Concentrated Cleaner

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ZM.1GJ Zoom Concentrated Cleaner 

Dirtbikes/ATVs, Cars/Trucks, MTB, Boats, RV/motorhomes, Household, Farm/construction equipment and much, much more!
ZOOM has a powerful formula that simply gets the dirt off with little to no work. Yet it contains no harsh or caustic chemicals which damage surfaces, cause streaking, or harsh odors. It's incredibly safe to use.

An affordable way to do a lot of cleaning
Great value for the average person! One jug of concentrate makes many gallons of cleaner! Much more economical to use than just about any other product on the market!
Simply mix with water. For most applications, a ratio of somewhere between 10:1 and 30:1 is quite adequate.

QUIK Tip - For bigger jobs mix the concentrate with water in a 2 or 3 gallon weedsprayer. This allows you to apply product to a large area quite quickly, with very little waste and the wand makes it really easy to get the product where you want and to get at hard to reach areas. This is much better and more efficient than using a bucket and a mop.

ZOOM Can also be used in a foam cannon for really big jobs!

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