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188-12-8 Walbro PRIMER BULB KIT

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Genuine Walbro OEM Part

Replaces 188-12-8, 188128, 49-020, Walbro 188-12, 188-12-1, 188-512

Outer Dimension: .60"
Height: .55"

Fits Walbro: WA-167-1, WA-179-1, WA-192-1, WA-193-1, WA-213-1, WA-223-1, WT-100-1, WT-101-1, WT-117-1, WT-132-1, WT-140-1, WT-150-1, WT-163-1, WT-164-1, WT-165-1, WT-169-1, WT-173-1, WT-179-1,
Fits Walbro: WT-304-1, WT-307-1, WT-318-1, WT-321-1, WT-329-1, WT-330-1, WT-346-1, WT-352-1, WT-354-1, WT-362-1, WT-363-1, WT-364-1, WT-369-1, WT-371-1, WT-386-1, WT-393-1, WT-397-1, WT-40-1,
Fits Walbro: WT-542-1, WT-543-1, WT-544-1, WT-547-1, WT-551-1, WT-598-1, WT-599-1, WT-600-1, WT-602-1, WT-610-1, WT-618-1, WT-630-1, WT-640-1, WT-641-1, WT-643-1, WT-648-1, WT-649-1, WT-657-1,
Fits Walbro: WY-17-1, WY-18-1, WY-19-1, WY-20-1, WY-21-1, WY-22-1, WY-23-1, WY-24-1, WY-26-1, WY-27-1, WY-28-1, WY-29-1, WY-30-1, WY-31-1, WY-33-1, WY-34-1, WY-35-1, WY-36-1, WY-37-1, WY-39-1, WY-4-1,


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