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798293 Briggs and Stratton Air Cleaner Cartridge Kit

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Briggs and Stratton 798293 Air Cleaner Cartridge Kit

Includes case, Briggs 797301 foam filter and mounting screws

See also Briggs and Stratton 797301 Foam Filter, sold separately

  • Genuine, OEM Briggs & Stratton Replacement Part
  • Briggs & Stratton replacement , part number
  • Compatible with the following Briggs engines: 122M02-0122-F1, 124T02-0001-H1, 124T02-0002-H1, 124T02-0004-H1, 124T02-0006-H1, 124T02-0007-H1, 124T02-0009-H1, 124T02-0012-H1, 124T02-0013-H1, 124T02-0014-H1, 124T02-0015-H1, 124T02-0017-H1, 124T02-0018-H1, 124T02-0019-H1, 124T02-0101-B1, 124T02-0105-B1, 124T02-0111-B1, 124T02-0112-B1, 124T02-0112-E1, 124T02-0115-B1, 124T02-0116-B1, 124T02-0116-E1, 124T02-0120-B1, 124T02-0120-E1, 124T02-0121-B1, 124T02-0124-B1, 124T02-0128-B1, 124T02-0128-E1, 124T02-0129-B1, 124T02-0129-B2, 124T02-0129-E1, 124T02-0130-B1, 124T02-0130-E1, 124T02-0134-B1, 124T02-0134-E1, 124T02-0135-B1, 124T02-0135-E1, 124T02-0137-B1, 124T02-0139-B1, 124T02-0140-B1, 124T02-0140-E1, 124T02-0141-B1, 124T02-0141-E1, 124T02-0142-B1, 124T02-0144-B1, 124T02-0148-B1, 124T02-0149-B1, 124T02-0155-B1, 124T02-0157-B1, 124T02-0158-B1, 124T02-0159-B1, 124T02-0161-B1, 124T02-0162-B1, 124T02-0171-B1, 124T02-0172-B1, 124T02-0174-B1, 124T02-0175-B1, 124T02-0176-B1, 124T02-0177-01, 124T02-0179-B1, 124T02-0183-B1, 124T02-0185-B1, 124T02-0186-B1, 124T02-0188-B1, 124T02-0192-B1, 124T02-0199-B1, 124T02-0200-B1, 124T02-0201-B1, 124T02-0202-B1, 124T02-0203-B1, 124T02-0204-B1, 124T02-0205-B1, 124T02-0206-B1, 124T02-0208-B1, 124T02-0210-B1, 124T02-0212-B1, 124T02-0215-B1, 124T02-0220-B1, 124T02-0222-B1, 124T02-0224-B1, 124T02-0226-B1, 124T02-0227-B1, 124T02-0228-B1, 124T02-0231-B1, 124T02-0232-B1, 124T02-0233-B1, 124T02-0236-B1, 124T02-0238-B1, 124T02-0239-B1, 124T02-0241-B1, 124T02-0243-B1, 124T02-0244-B1, 124T02-0246-B1, 124T02-0248-B1, 124T02-0249-B1, 124T02-0251-H1, 124T02-0252-B1, 124T02-0252-H1, 124T02-0255-H1, 124T02-0256-H1

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