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691667 Briggs and Stratton Air Filter 493910

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Briggs and Stratton 691667 AIR FILTER

USE WITH 272477 PRE-CLEANER - sold separately 

Alternate:Oregon: 30-048
Briggs & Stratton: 4166, 493910, 5075, 5075H, 5075K, 691667

Cub Cadet
933E (12AE751-100) Wide Cut Mower
933R (12A-751-100) Wide Cut Mower
130 (134B582B100) (1994) Engine
1030 (132-522B100) (1992) Engine
CYB Engine (13A-325-101) (1999) Engine
1030 (136B582B100) (1996) Engine
1030 (135B582B100) (1995) Engine
1030 (133B582B100) (1993) Engine
1027 (13A-328-101) (2000) Rider
1027 (13A-328-101) (2001) Rider
1027 (13A-328-101) (2002) Rider

70060 (89000001-89999999)(1998) Lawn Tractor
70080 (4900001-4999999)(1994) Lawn Tractor
70080 (5900001-5999999)(1995) Lawn Tractor
70080 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
70081 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
70081 (7900001-7999999)(1997) Lawn Tractor
70100 (49000001-49999999)(1994) Lawn Tractor
70120 (4900001-4999999)(1994) Lawn Tractor
70120 (5900001-5999999)(1995) Lawn Tractor
70120 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
70122 (9900001-9999999)(1999) Lawn Tractor
70122 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
70122 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
70141 (49000001-49999999)(1994) Lawn Tractor
70142 (79000001-79999999)(1997) Lawn Tractor
70142 (59000001-59999999)(1995) Lawn Tractor
70142 (69000001-69999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
71193 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
71217 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Tractor
71217 (7900001-7999999)(1997) Lawn Tractor
71219 (7900001-7999999)(1997) Lawn Tractor
71193 (7900001-7999999)(1997) Lawn Tractor
Briggs and Stratton
28A702-0102-01 Engine
28A707-0101-01 Engine
28A707-0112-01 Engine
28A707-0113-01 Engine
28A707-0116-01 Engine
28A707-0117-01 Engine
28A707-0118-01 Engine
28A707-0119-99 Engine
28A707-0120-99 Engine
28A707-0121-01 Engine
28A707-0122-01 Engine
28A707-0122-02 Engine
28A707-0135-01 Engine
28A707-0136-01 Engine
28A707-0138-99 Engine
28A707-0526-99 Engine
28A707-0604-A1 Engine
28A707-0616-99 Engine
28A707-0625-A1 Engine
28B702-0001-01 Engine
28B702-0001-02 Engine
28B702-0102-01 Engine
28B702-0124-01 Engine
28B702-0134-01 Engine
28B702-0610-A1 Engine
28B702-0633-A1 Engine
28B702-1001-E1 Engine
28B702-1001-E3 Engine
28B702-1015-E1 Engine
28B702-1016-E1 Engine
28B702-1019-E1 Engine
28B702-1020-E1 Engine
28B702-1031-E1 Engine
28B702-1041-E1 Engine
28B702-1113-E1 Engine
28B702-1118-E1 Engine
28B702-1124-E1 Engine
28B702-1133-E1 Engine
28B702-1134-E1 Engine
28B702-1138-E1 Engine
28B702-1143-E1 Engine
28B702-1147-E1 Engine
28B702-1148-E1 Engine
28B702-1154-E1 Engine
28B702-1161-E1 Engine
28B702-1163-E1 Engine
28B702-1173-E1 Engine
28B702-1193-E1 Engine
28B702-1194-E1 Engine
28B702-1194-E2 Engine
28B705-0129-01 Engine
28B705-0629-A1 Engine
28B705-1129-E1 Engine
28B706-1030-99 Engine
28B707-0008-01 Engine
28B707-0009-01 Engine
28B707-0101-01 Engine
28B707-0111-01 Engine
28B707-0112-01 Engine
28B707-0113-01 Engine
28B707-0115-01 Engine
28B707-0116-01 Engine
28B707-0117-01 Engine
28B707-0118-01 Engine
28B707-0119-01 Engine
28B707-0120-01 Engine
28B707-0122-01 Engine
28B707-0123-01 Engine
28B707-0126-01 Engine
28B707-0127-01 Engine
28B707-0128-01 Engine
28B707-0130-01 Engine
28B707-0131-01 Engine
28B707-0132-01 Engine
28B707-0135-01 Engine
28B707-0136-01 Engine
28B707-0137-01 Engine
28B707-0138-01 Engine
28B707-0139-01 Engine
28B707-0145-01 Engine
28B707-0146-01 Engine
28B707-0151-01 Engine
28B707-0604-A1 Engine
28B707-0630-A1 Engine
28B707-0632-A1 Engine
28B707-1008-E1 Engine
28B707-1019-E1 Engine
28B707-1021-E1 Engine
28B707-1025-E1 Engine
28B707-1026-E1 Engine
28B707-1101-E1 Engine
28B707-1112-E1 Engine
28B707-1114-E1 Engine
28B707-1117-E1 Engine
28B707-1120-E1 Engine
28B707-1123-E1 Engine
28B707-1125-E1 Engine
28B707-1128-E1 Engine
28B707-1130-E1 Engine
28B707-1131-E1 Engine
28B707-1132-E1 Engine
28B707-1135-E1 Engine
28B707-1136-E1 Engine
28B707-1139-E1 Engine
28B707-1140-E1 Engine
28B707-1142-E1 Engine
28B707-1144-E1 Engine
28B707-1146-E1 Engine
28B707-1150-E1 Engine
28B707-1151-E1 Engine
28B707-1152-E1 Engine
28B707-1153-E1 Engine
28B707-1155-E1 Engine
28B707-1160-E1 Engine
28B707-1162-E1 Engine
28B707-1164-E1 Engine
28B707-1166-E1 Engine
28B707-1168-E1 Engine
28B707-1172-E1 Engine
28B707-1174-E1 Engine
28B707-1201-E1 Engine
28B707-1205-E1 Engine
28C702-0015-01 Engine
28C702-0102-01 Engine
28C702-0118-01 Engine
28C707-0026-01 Engine
28C707-0029-01 Engine
28C707-0101-01 Engine

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