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691097 Briggs and Stratton Screw

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691097 Briggs and Stratton Screw

Genuine OEM replacement part. This screw is typically used to attach the starter cover to the engine

Replaces: 557064, 94625 

Fits Models:

Briggs and Stratton
124435 Series (8101) Engine
19K400 Series (0110-0115) Engine
19E400 Series (0069-1168) Engine
19F400 Series (0043-1137) Engine
19G400 Series (0068-1196) Engine
19G437-1190-E1 Engine
19G412-1180-E2 Misc Tool
20A113-0533-E1 Engine
20A114-0120-E1 Engine
20A114-0131-E1 Engine
20A114-0132-E1 Engine
20A114-0133-E1 Engine
20A114-0134-E1 Engine
20A114-0363-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E2 Engine
20A114-0541-E1 Engine
20A114-0650-E1 Engine
20A114-0730-E1 Engine
20A114-0733-E1 Engine
20A114-0922-E1 Engine
20A114-1120-E1 Engine
20A412-0007-E1 Engine
20A412-0009-E1 Engine
20A412-0100-E1 Engine
20A412-0105-E1 Engine
20A413-0123-E1 Engine
20A414-0110-E1 Engine
20A414-0111-E1 Engine
20A414-0113-E1 Engine
20A414-0114-E1 Engine
20A414-0115-E1 Engine
20A414-0116-E1 Engine
20A414-0117-E1 Engine
20A414-0118-E1 Engine
20A414-0119-E1 Engine
20A414-0120-E1 Engine
20A414-0348-E1 Engine
20A414-0353-E1 Engine
20A414-0365-E1 Engine
20A414-0375-E1 Engine
20A414-0737-E1 Engine
20A414-0919-E1 Engine
20A416-0108-E1 Engine
20B412-0100-E1 Engine
20B414-0017-E1 Engine
20B414-0019-E1 Engine
20B414-0113-E1 Engine
20B414-0121-E1 Engine
20B414-0122-E1 Engine
20B414-0369-E1 Engine
20B414-0698-E1 Engine
20B437-0111-E1 Engine
20B437-0112-E1 Engine
20C112-0100-E1 Engine
20C113-0253-E1 Engine
20C114-0269-E1 Engine
20C114-0270-E1 Engine
20C114-0274-E1 Engine
20C414-0111-E1 Engine
20C414-0148-E1 Engine
20C414-0160-E1 Engine
20C414-0206-E1 Engine
20C414-0372-E1 Engine
20D412-0100-E1 Engine
20D414-0017-E1 Engine
20D414-0019-E1 Engine
20D414-0111-E1 Engine
20D414-0112-E1 Engine
20E114-0110-E1 Engine
20E114-0112-E1 Engine
20E114-0113-E1 Engine
20E114-0114-E1 Engine
20E114-0115-E1 Engine
20E114-0120-E1 Engine
20E114-0121-E1 Engine
20E114-0122-E1 Engine
20E114-0349-E1 Engine
20E114-0364-E1 Engine
20E114-0644-E1 Engine
20E114-0695-E1 Engine
20E114-0699-E1 Engine
20E114-0702-E1 Engine
20E114-0927-E1 Engine
20E214-0015-E1 Engine
20E214-0110-E1 Engine
20E214-0111-E1 Engine
20E214-0112-E1 Engine
20E214-0113-E1 Engine
20E214-0118-E1 Engine
20E214-0119-E1 Engine
20E214-0358-E1 Engine
20E214-0359-E1 Engine
20E337-0110-E1 Engine
20E412-0100-E1 Engine
20E414-0162-E1 Engine
20E414-0163-E1 Engine
20E414-0204-E1 Engine
20F412-0100-E1 Engine
20F412-0105-E1 Engine
20F414-0017-E1 Engine
20F414-0019-E1 Engine
20F414-0112-E1 Engine
20F437-0113-E1 Engine
20F437-0114-E1 Engine
20G412-0100-E1 Engine
20X314-0110-E1 Engine
21A112-0100-E1 Engine
21A113-0254-E1 Engine
21A114-0017-E1 Engine
21A412-0100-E1 Engine
21A412-0105-E1 Engine
21A414-0017-E1 Engine
21A414-0019-E1 Engine
21A414-0112-E1 Engine
21A414-0115-E1 Engine
21A414-0117-E1 Engine
21A414-0119-E1 Engine
21A414-0133-E1 Engine
21A414-0134-E1 Engine
21A414-0135-E1 Engine
S2-12B502 (1000001-1999999)(1991) Lawn Tractor
R3-10B404 (2000001-2999999)(1992) Lawn Tractor
R3-10B404 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Tractor
R3-12B602 (2000001-2999999)(1992) Lawn Tractor
77106 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
70041 (8900001-8999999)(1998) Lawn Tractor
70044 (9900001-9999999)(1999) Lawn Tractor
70044 (000000001-000999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
70044 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
70044 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
70044 (220000001-220999999)(2002) Lawn Tractor
70060 (89000001-89999999)(1998) Lawn Tractor
70122 (9900001-9999999)(1999) Lawn Tractor
70122 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
70122 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
71140 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Tractor
71212 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
71197 (9900001-9999999)(1999) Lawn Tractor
71197 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
71200 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Tractor
71228 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
71228 (220000001-220010000)(2002) Lawn Tractor
71233 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
71280 (9900001-9999999)(1999) Lawn Tractor
71280 (200000001-200999999)(2000) Lawn Tractor
71282 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
Lawn Boy
81140 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lt10 Lawn Tractor
81180 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lt12.5 Lawn Tractor
81181 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lt12.5h Lawn Tractor

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