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31-051 Oregon Snowblower Recoil Starter replaces Tecumseh 590576 590604 570420

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31-051 Oregon Snowblower Recoil Starter fits most older Snow King engines

Replaces Tecumseh 590420, 590420A, 590449, 590458, 590537, 590557, 590558, 590595, 590706, 590576 590604, 97290, 1325, 150-003, 

Fits models

590458-RS1, 590706-RS, 65000P-H50, 969 models, AH600-1631, AH600-1631A, AH600-1631B, AH600-1631C, AH600-1631M, AH600-1635, AH600-1635M, AH600-1635N, AH600-1635P, AV520-653-07A, AV520-653-07M, AV520-653-08A, AV520-653-10, AV520-653-10M, AV520-653011M, AV520-653011N, ECV100-145207F, ECV100-145208F, ECV100-145210F, ECV100-145213F, ECV100-145214F, ECV100-145216F, ECV100-145217F, ECV100-145221F, ECV100-145222F, ECV100-145223F, ECV100-145227F, ECV100-145232F, ECV100-145243F, ECV100-145244F, ECV100-145245F, ECV100-145248F, ECV100-145249F, ECV100-145254F, ECV100-145256F, ECV100-145260F, ECV100-145263F, ECV100-145267F, ECV100-145268F, ECV100-145274F, ECV100-145281F, ECV100-145282F, ECV100-145285F, ECV100-145286F, ECV100-145295F, ECV100-145296F, ECV100-145299F, ECV100-145300F, ECV100-145306F, ECV120-152028C, ECV120-152029C, ECV120-152030C, ECV120-152031C, ECV120-152032C, ECV120-152033C, ECV120-152035C, ECV120-152036C, ECV120-152036D, ECV120-152037C, ECV120-152038C, H30-35357R, H30-35359R, H30-35374R, H30-35375R, H30-35377R, H35-45483R, H50-65000N, H50-65000P, H50-65396N, H50-65396P, H50-65400N, H50-65403N, H50-65403P, H50-65403R, H50-65409N, H50-65409P, H50-65410N, H50-65410P, H50-65415N, H50-65415P, H50-65430N, H50-65435N, H50-65437N, H50-65437P, H50-65448N, H50-65449N, H50-65452N, H50-65456N, H50-65457N, H50-65458N, H50-65459N, H50-65459P, H50-65460N, H50-65464N, H50-65465N, H50-65466N, H50-65467N, H50-65467P, H50-65468N, H50-65468P, H60-75174F, RS-590706, RS1-590458

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