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225-680 Stens Bearing Replaces 539100488

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225-680 Stens Bearing for Bluebird Power Rake

Bluebird 0315
MTD 941-0309, 941-0310
Ref No SA204-12
Toro 104-0538, 108-7663, 251-343

Bluebird Dethatchers, overseeders and aerators
MTD Most snowblower auger input shaft
ID 0.750"
OD 1.850"
Height 0.840"

PR18B5FA (2002-12)PR18B5NRA (2002-12)PR18GH5NRA (2002-12)PR18H5DA (2002-12)PR18H5FA (2002-12)PR18H5NRA (2002-12)PR18NEFA (2002-12)PR22B5FA (2002-12)PR22B5FBA (2002-12)PR22B5FBA (2004-03)PR22B5NRA (2002-12)PR22B8FA (2002-12)PR22B8NRA (2002-12)PR22H5FA (2002-12)PR22H5FBA (2002-12)PR22H5FBA (2004-03)PR22H5NRA (2002-12)PR22NEFA (2002-12)S22B5DA (2002-12)S22B5DA (2004-03)S22H5DA (2002-12)S22H5DA (2004-03)

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