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150-365 Stens Recoil Starter Replaces Briggs & Stratton 796497

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150-365 Stens Recoil Starter 

Genuine Stens replacement part - we also carry the OEM Briggs and Stratton version version of this. Click here to view 

Does NOT include starter cup

Fits Models -

Briggs & Stratton111P02, 111P05, 111P07, 112P02, 112P05, 114P02, 114P05, 114P07, 11P902, 11P905, 11P907, 11P912, 121Q02, 121Q07, 121Q12, 121Q42, 121Q72, 121R02, 121R05, 121S02, 121S05, 121S07, 121S12, 121S17, 121S72, 121S75, 121S77, 122Q02, 122Q05, 122Q07, 122Q12, 122Q42, 122Q72, 122R02, 122R05, 122R07, 122S02, 122S07, 122S42, 122S72, 122S75, 124Q02, 124Q07, 124Q72, 124Q02, 124S05, 124S07, 124S72, 124S75, 124S77, 12Q902, 12Q907, 12Q972, 12S902, 129S05, 129S07, 12S912, 12S975, 12S977, 14B902, 14B907, 14B932, 14B937, 14B947 and 19B977 engines

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